To Help You Safely And Successfully Make Hotel Reservations Online at The Venetian Macao

  • Reservation confirmations are always provided by the official website and authorized partners via email, never via SMS.
  • All guests must check in at the hotel front desk upon arrival (guest check-in is required by Macau law).
  • Guests should avoid third parties who claim to provide room keys without the hotel check-in process.
  • Guests shall avoid websites or other booking channels which offer hotel rates that are significantly lower than the official hotel website.
  • Guests shall avoid websites or other booking channels that do not provide instant reservation confirmation via email.
  • The hotel will protect the interest of registered hotel guests’ and provide assistance when necessary. Guests who are not registered by hotel check-in are not entitled to these privileges.
* The authorized partners of Venetian Macao including Agoda,, Elong, Rakuten.