Gondola Rides

A gondolier will serenade you during your romantic ride through the San Luca, Marco Polo or Grand Canals of Shoppes at the Venetian. 

Venetian Pools

You are welcome to swim in one of our four pools located outdoors. 

V Gym

During your stay with us, stay in shape at our V Gym health and fitness center. 

TAIVEXMALO Day Hospital & Spa

TAIVEXMALO Day Hospital & Spa offers a unique approach to complete wellness through a comprehensive array of world-class services.

Grado 'mini' Golf

We have putters for kids and adults, golf balls and score cards for you to keep track of your game along the way. 

Kids At Venetian

Welcome to the world of Venetian Kids, where the fun never stops! Kid's Zone introduces you to the many different and exciting kid's activities we have to offer.