Queen's Jewellery

Jadeite Key Pendent - Starry Night
Starry Night pendant is engulfed by the diamonds in the sky. This piece showcases one of the most romantic night scenery with its sapphire lily sitting on its jade lily pad. Floating in the middle of the pond surrounded by the reflection of diamond stars of the night. Total diamonds 82 at 0.63ct, 6 pink sapphires at 0.68ct and 18K white gold at 5.28g.


Size: Length 14.67mm, Width 7.29mm, Depth 2.77mm

Material: 18K white gold 5.28gm, 82 Diamonds 0.63ct, 6 Pink Sapphire 0.68ct, 1 Jade 1.42ct

Colour: Green


  • Jadeite
  • Diamonds
  • Pink Sapphire


Exclusively available in Macao at Sands Shoppes