The Venetian Macao: Luxurious Atmosphere, Enjoyable Stay

Venetian Macao

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I’ve traveled to Macau many times before, though I spent most of my time on Macau peninsula near the Grand Lisboa, MGM, Wynn, etc. This time, for my winter vacation, I decided to stay at the Venetian Macao. I booked a room online for around RMB1200. Though it wasn’t cheap, the experience turned out to be worth the price.


Whether you arrive via the airport, border gate, or ferry terminal, there will be free shuttle buses waiting to take you to your hotel. Needless to say, this was incredibly convenient. The bus driver even helped store my luggage before I boarded.



This is the shuttle bus stop outside the hotel. It’s located near the lobby, so that visitors don’t need to walk far to check in.


Hotel Exterior:

The Venetian is located close to the Macau airport. In fact, you can actually spot the building from there. Its architecture is very unique and eye-catching.


Hotel Lobby:

The hotel has multiple lobbies, each in different parts of the building. When I arrived, all the lobbies I went to were filled with people – most likely due to the high occupancy rate of the hotel. The casino is located in the center of the resort. Upon entering it, I almost immediately got lost. Luckily, I managed to make my way to the main lobby, which was lavishly decorated with gold.


I reached the check-in area a little early (check in starts at 1 pm), so I went to a service counter to see if I could store my luggage. The staff there looked up my booking and took my bags without requesting any extra fees. They told me that visitors that aren’t staying at the hotel need to pay a small amount for this service, but it is free for hotel guests.
Venetian Macao Baggage Service

Because there were many people checking in when I went, I had to wait in line for the reception desk. Fortunately, the staff did a good job of directing people and keeping the line moving. Also, one of them was handing out candy to people waiting, which sure helped!

Venetian Macao Reception


There were plenty of elevators leading up to the hotel floors, and I never had to wait for one.

Venetian Macao pubilc area






We stayed in a Royale suite, which is one of the standard suites in the hotel. Even though it was the cheapest room available when I booked, it was still very impressive. The room was separated into two areas: a sleeping area and a living area. Even though it is technically a suite, the space between the two areas was completely open, with only a short railing separating them. The living area was built a little lower than the sleeping area, and had small step leading to the sleeping area.



The bed in my room was very similar to the one I slept on in the Hotel Lisboa.

Here is the step leading from the living area to the sleeping area.
The overall color tones in the room was very warm and welcoming.
The TV was a little outdated (but this is common in many Macau hotels).
The desk in the room had some office supplies and machines on it.
This was the view out my window.

This was the bathroom.

The bathroom was quite large, and contained two sinks.




Aside from it being a little aged, I was very satisfied with our room’s overall design and features.

Hotel surroundings:

Even if you don’t stay at the Venetian, it is still a must-visit for all Macau travelers. In addition to its hotel, the resort includes a shopping mall, restaurants, and entertainment venues.




There are numerous places to eat, including both restaurants and a food court.



Free WiFi is available throughout the resort. It’s pretty easy to connect to. We traveled in the winter, and thankfully our room was heated and very warm.


We ordered room service one night, and it was decent and came on time. Something that I should mention is the express check out service: you simply have to slip your room card into a specially marked box to check out of the hotel.



If you are going to travel to Macau but don’t plan on staying at the Venetian, you will missing out on one of the best experiences in the city. Once my trip was over, I left Macau with incredibly positive impressions of the Venetian.

Venetian Macao