The Parisian Macao: Everywhere You Look Is Paris

Parisian Macao_ Exterior

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I’ve known about The Parisian Macao for quite some time now. When it opened in 2016, I was constantly bombarded by advertisements and media attention about the new hotel. Now that I have finally traveled there, I finally understand what the hype was all about. 

The hotel is located on the Cotai strip across from the The Londoner Macao resort (both properties are owned by the same company). The bright pink shuttle buses that run from the airport, ferry terminals, and borders to the hotel are super convenient. For the most part, I didn’t need to look at maps or check directions after I arrived. I also had no problem finding places to eat and shop, especially since the Venetian Macao is only a short 10 minute walk.  

The exterior of the Parisian can only be described as magnificent. I wanted to snap a photo of myself in front of it, but pushing through the crowds of tourists wasn’t easy.  With the Eiffel Tower literally towering above me on my left, and with the European-style hotel on my right, was easy to forget that I was thousands of miles away from France. Even though the Eiffel Tower is only a half-size replica, it looked solidly-built and very authentic.  

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower

Parisian Macao Exterior

The hotel entrance was built to resemble a French train station, complete with authentic green-tinted iron arches.
Parisian Macao- bus shelter

The hotel has two check-in locations. When I arrived from the Macao ferry terminal, the bus stopped by the lower level one, which was practically deserted (no wait!). The walls of this lobby were decorated with prominent golden molding and trim.  



The first floor check-in area was even more extravagant, almost like a royal European palace.

Parisian Macao reception desk

There’s a large fountain in the main lobby, and a wide-open gaming area behind it.

You can check in at any time after 1:00 PM. If you arrive early, even though you can’t check in, you can still be free to explore the hotel’s other areas.  

Parisian Macao - Lobby

There are two main wings in the hotel: the north wing and south wing. Both have separate elevators to access their upper floors. For this trip, I stayed in a deluxe room in the south wing. Both the elevator lobbies and the halls were filled with elegant decorations, including these lovely ceiling lamps.

Parisian Macao Lobby

Even the room keys were full of Parisian flair: each one has a picture of hands sketching an Eiffel tower.  
Parisian Macao -  room card


The size of the room was acceptable, and the general atmosphere of the room was very pleasant. The wall mirror next to the bed was adorned with an interesting Eiffel Tower silhouette.

The room that I stayed in was on the 29th floor, and had a rear view of the hotel. Unfortunately, I could not see the Eiffel Tower from my window (though I could see Macau Tower in the distance).  

Parisian Macao -  Room


Due to its location, my room had only half a window. Thankfully, this wasn’t an issue and the room was bright enough with the curtains fully opened.  

Parisian Macao -  Room


The bed’s mattress was soft and very comfortable. The bed had four pillows: 2 soft ones, and 2 really soft ones. If you prefer a firmer pillow to sleep on, you should request it when you book.

The window curtains blocked out the outside light well and the walls seemed to block out most noises. During the night, I slept soundly without any disturbances.

Parisian Macao -  Room


The TV was hanging on a wall covered with attractive Parisian-themed wallpaper. Very pleasant!

Parisian Macao -  Room


The tea area was filled with various tea bags and a hot-water pot. When you check in, you can request that the staff lock the mini bar so that you do not need to place a deposit on the room.

Check out is super easy. All you need to do is place the room key in the specially marked quick-check-out boxes, and you’re good to go.

澳门巴黎人- 房间茶水区


Room service was a little pricey, as is normal in high-end hotels. Meals started around MOP100, which is only a little more than you would pay if you ate out.

澳门巴黎人- 房间送餐服务


Inside the closet, there was a white bathrobe. It seemed to be made from high-quality material.

澳门巴黎人- 房间玄关


The bathroom was spacious, but not too large. The floor and sink were all made of marble, giving the room a feeling of luxury.

澳门巴黎人- 房间浴室


There was only one shower in the bathroom, and unfortunately the water pressure was a bit lower than I prefer.

澳门巴黎人- 房间浴室


The bath products in the shower are all “aromatherapy” brands, and were satisfying to use. They had text saying that they were not used in animal testing. Strangely there was nothing on their packaging saying where they were manufactured.

澳门巴黎人- 房间浴室用品


There was also bathtub in the bathroom – perfect for a relaxing soak.  

澳门巴黎人- 房间浴室_浴缸


The toilet was clean and tidy.

澳门巴黎人- 房间浴室


From my window, I could see the roof of the Venetian. I could also spot Macau Tower in the distance.

澳门巴黎人- 房间窗景


The Parisian offers many different types of entertainment facilities. I was disappointed that Aqua World was closed during my visit due to it being winter. It looks like it would be a lot of fun in the summer.

On the sixth floor there is a play area for children called Qube Kingdom. The children that I saw there seemed to be having a blast!

澳门巴黎人-  Qube儿童乐园与健身房


My experience with the hotel gym was very positive. I was surprised to see that even the front counter was designed with artistic flair. The service inside was exceptional: upon entering, the staff gave me water and towels to use while exercising.  

澳门巴黎人-  健身房


The gym was larger than I expected, with many new exercise machines. There were no other guests using the gym when I arrived (on a Saturday afternoon), and so I had the place to myself.

As I was leaving, I noticed a few other hotel guests trying to get a peek at the gym. However, since they weren’t wearing exercise clothing, the staff did not let them enter. Also, for safety reasons, children under 16 are not permitted to enter.

澳门巴黎人-  健身房


Next to the gym, I noticed a yoga studio. Its wall-sized mirror was pretty impressive.

澳门巴黎人-  健身房-瑜伽室


Exiting the gym, I walked through a long hallway and reached the pool deck. Even though pool is outdoors, since the water is heated, you can take a dip in it year-round.

澳门巴黎人- 泳池入口


The pool is rectangular, and is flanked by round hot tubs. The pool is not very deep -- around 1.2 or 1.3 meters. Though the pool looked very nice, it was the view of the Eiffel Tower and hotel from this deck that took my breath away! I highly recommend swimming in the evening when the towers lights are lit up (since the pool closes at 8:00 PM, so be sure to come before then).  

澳门巴黎人- 泳池

As I mentioned earlier, the exterior of the hotel building is really impressive, especially at night. It really looks like a European palace. Together with the Eiffel Tower, the view is amazingly beautiful.  
澳门巴黎人- 夜景

澳门巴黎人- 夜景

The hotel has plenty of dining options. Aside from the buffet on the first floor, there are restaurants in the gaming area and the shopping mall (including a couple French restaurants).

I went to grab a bite in a small restaurant called Market Bistro. It was comfortable, clean, and had exceptional service. A meal was around MOP70-100. I strongly recommend the home-made noodle bar. You can order a custom bowl of noodles with your choice of noodle, soup, and toppings. The noodles were all freshly made, and it took 10-20 mins for them to come out. The braised pork ribs were especially delicious. I ordered the “flying dagger” noodles and beef soup, and they were also very tasty. With my basic Sands Rewards membership, I did not have to pay the service fee on the bill (you can sign up at counters in the gaming area). In total, I spent MOP72, which was reasonable for what I ate.  

Parisian dining
All in all, I had a wonderful time at The Parisian Macao. I discovered that you don’t need to travel all the way to Europe to experience Paris: the Parisian Macao can give you the same feeling without the hassle.