In over four centuries Macau has not only inspired architecture of different traditions, it has preserved and maintained an extraordinary number of its buildings. Therefore, within a short distance, you could easily find the Chinese temples and also the Western churches. Here are some of famous landmarks in Macau.
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A-Ma Temple

The name Macau is always thought to be derived from the name of A-Ma Temple. A-Ma Temple is one of the oldest and most well-known temples in Macau, which has been dedicated to the goddess of fishermen, Matsu. It is now with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Ruins of St Pauls

The Ruins of St. Paul's was originally the Church of Mater Dei. It was destroyed by fire in 1835. The stunning façade is now the most iconic landmark of Macau with UNESCO World Heritage status.

Senado Square

Senado Square has been the civic hub of Macau for centuries. Pastel-coloured neoclassical buildings spell Mediterranean, while the active participation of the local Chinese community reflects the multi-cultural dimension of the Macau society.

Taipa Houses-Museum

The Taipa Houses-Museum is composed by a few Portuguese styled buildings, which were built in 1921 and were formerly the houses of senior government officers and Macanese families. Overhanging flower baskets and old-fashioned street lamps make it an ideal place for walking around.

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre

From the observation deck and revolving restaurant of Macau Tower, you will see the magnificent view of Macau city and Pearl River delta. Bungee jump, Skyjump, Skywalk and Tower Climb are always the most popular activities, which create you an unforgettable trip to Macau.