Best Time to Visit Macau

When's the best time to visit Macau? At most times of the year, Macau's weather — at an average temperature of 23˚C (73˚F), is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. There is always something for you to discover and experience when you plan your Macau getaway.

From January to March, Macau stays in the interchange period from the winter monsoon to the summer monsoon, cold and warm airflows converge frequently. These are Macau winter months with relatively cold but sunny weather, when it slowly gets warm again in April.

What to wear during this season? Visitors are advised to wear a thick jacket or an overcoat to keep warm during these months.

Things you can experience:

January Events & Festivals: New Year's Eve Countdown. Sands Resorts Cotai Strip Macao has plenty of activities to celebrate the New Year's Eve & Day each year. These include New Year's Eve Countdown at The Venetian Macao's outdoor lagoon, New Year concerts, DreamWorks celebration party etc.

February Events & Festivals: Chinese New Year Celebrations! When you visit Macau in February, you can experience the original traditions of Chinese New Year. What’s more, if you are staying at Sands Resort Cotai Strip Macao, you will have the chance to participate in the "Seasons of Prosperity" event.  This major event includes 3-D Light & Sound Spectacular, 3-D painting Exhibition and Peach Blossom Decorations. It's a must-see event when you visit Macau during this period.

March Events & Festivals: Feast of the God Tou Tei & Easter Holidays. Tou Tei is the Earth God and he is said to be everywhere. Celebrations are held at the Tou Tei Temples around the city. Easter is a very important festival especially among the Christian community. Many shops sell chocolates and patisseries related to this festival.


Photo Caption:

New Year's Eve Countdown Celebrations

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New Year's Eve Andy Frasco and the UN band

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Seasons of Prosperity Kicked Off

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Seasons of Prosperity Peach Blossoms

From April to September, due to the influence of southerly airflow and summer monsoon, Macau gradually transits from the first rainy season with heavy rains to the second rainy season with more typhoons and heavy rains, often bringing hot and rainy weather during this period.

What to wear during these months? Vsitors are advised to wear light cotton clothes for a pleasant journey in Macau.

Things you can experience:

April Events & Festivals: Ching Ming; Feast of Pak Tai; A-Ma Festival

May Events & Festivals: Procession of Our Lady of Fátima; Feast of Buddha (Feast of the Bathing of Lord Buddha), Feast of the Drunken Dragon, Tam Kong Festival

June Events & Festivals: Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng Festival); Macao International Dragon Boat Races

July Events & Festivals: Feast of Kuan Tai

August Events & Festivals: Feast of Maidens; Feast of Hungry Ghosts

September Events & Festivals: Macau International Fireworks Display Contest; Mid-Autumn Festival

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Macao International Dragon Boat Races

Photo Caption:

Macau International Fireworks Display Contest

From October to December, Macau is often controlled by the easterly airflow. This is the best time to visit Macau where you can enjoy the "clear and refreshing autumn" weather.

What to wear during these months? Vistors are recommended to bring cardigans or sweaters during this period in Macau.

Things you can experience during these months:

October Events & Festivals: Festival of Ancestors (Chung Yeung Festival)

November Events & Festivals: Macau Grand Prix; Macau Food Festival

December Events & Festivals: Macau International Marathon; Winter Solstice; Christmas Holidays  

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Macau Grand Prix

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Macau Food Festival

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Macau Christmas Holidays