Mobile Telephone and WiFi Service in Macau

Macau has extensive Mobile and WiFi service, both of which are accessible to everyone who visits. Continue reading to find out more information!

Mobile Telephone Service

· If you are using a Chinese cellular plan, you can find some areas near the Zhuhai border that have limited cellular service. 

Some providers may offer overseas roaming options. Be sure to check with your mobile provider if there are any extra charges required for this. However, be this can often be costly if overused.  

·You can buy a Macau SIM card for your mobile phone in convenience stores or airport/ferry terminal vending machines. It is recommended that you buy one that includes mobile internet service. If you choose to buy a SIM card, remember to bring any tools required to swap it with the one already in your phone.

· Macau has free WiFI in many public areas (such as parks) called “wifigo”. To access this WiFi, simply look for a hotspot called “wifigo” and connect using your phone or computer.  

For “wifigo-s” hotspots, first find the hotspot with your device, then enter the username “wifigo” and password “wifigo” to connect. This public WiFi is limited to 45 minutes per session, but you can reconnect as many times as you want.

· Sands Resorts properties and shuttle buses all have free WiFi. Simply connect to “sandsresort”, accept the terms and conditions, and you will have 30 minutes of wireless internet per session. Free WiFI is also available on Cotai Water Jet ferries.

Other Information