Performance to Celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of the National Day of
the People's Republic of China

Venetian Theatre

1 October 2021 (Fri), 8:00pm

Contemporary Acrobatic Show

Contemporary Acrobatic Show "The Butterfly Lovers"

"The Butterfly Lovers" uses the poignant and romantic classic love between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai as the base of the story, the image of the butterfly Liang Zhuhua as the symbol of love, combined with Zhuang Zhou Huadie's philosophy, and firmly grasps the "butterfly". Imagery perfectly combines the natural process of butterfly breaking through cocoon and turning into a butterfly with Liang Zhu's life and death love process, expressing the process of life from gestation, incubation, resistance to emergence from cocoon and flying freely. It is described at multiple levels and from multiple angles, showing the meaning of life, in a kind tension, through acrobatics. On the basis of storytelling, various art forms such as acrobatics, dance and drama are used to express different scenes and images, forming a kind of interaction. The whole play is ethereal and romantic with the aesthetics of traditional Chinese culture and the innovation of contemporary stage performances.

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Show Ticket For One: from HKD/MOP 100


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