Confucius 63 Revisited (Macao)


Venetian Theatre

24 November 2018 (Sat), 8:00pm
25 November 2018 (Sun), 3:00pm

Event Duration
150 minutes with 15 minute internmission

Stage show

Original drama production reshaping the image of Confucius
By talents of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

At the age of 73, Confucius was holding a high rank nominally while stepping towards the end of his life journey. The occasional visit of his student recalled some old memories. Confucius was 63 when he was appointed by King Zhao to set off for the State of Chu. Yet, on the way, he encountered his toughest year of life. At the edge of life and death, should he hold on his faith, or grasp the next chance in the future?

Based on real history, Confucius: 63 Revisited is an original drama production that reshapes the image of Confucius as a paragon from a humanistic perspective, and unfolds the Maestro’s hidden stories that are rarely known. Its runs in 2016 and 2017 were warmly received by the Hong Kong audience and it was nominated for the Best Costume Design of the Hong Kong Drama Awards.

Following the success of the Cultural Exchange Scheme in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao last year, talents of the three places will join hands again to tour the story in Macao and Guangzhou. Besides Dominic Cheung, Chung Ying’s first generation local actor, and theatre veteran James Mark playing the role of Confucius, Macao actors Jacky Li, Vong Tin Ian and Kate Leong will also join in the production, bringing this historical episode alive on stage with their Guangdong and Hong Kong counterparts.

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A Reserve:MOP/HKD150
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