Canton serves not only Cantonese food, but also a healthy dose of flavorful dishes from a number of cities across mainland China.


Serving the favourite and traditional cuisines of the Dongbei (Northeast) and Sichuan regions of China.

Imperial House Dim Sum

Featuring regional delicacies, Dim Sum specialties, authentically prepared by chefs from the region.

Shanghainese 456 Restaurant

456 Modern Shanghai Restaurant brings up a newly Shanghai savor while sticking to the traditional culinary art.

Glorious Seafood Restaurant

Glorious Seafood Restaurant

We Serving Cantonese Cuisine. You Can Enjoy The Famous Roasted Goose; Roasted Sucking Pig; Seafood and the Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Chicken and Yunnan Ham; We Also Serve Hong King Dim-Sum at Lunch Time.

Lei Garden

Renowned for its double-boiled tonic soups, seafood exquisite Cantonese dishes and dim sum, Lei Garden has always been a favorite of dignitaries.

Old Neptune Restaurant

Old Neptune's bamboo-pressed noodles and congee have been favorites here for years, so make sure you order these signature dishes or try their fresh seafood.

Old Hong Kong Tea House

There is also the “Hong Kong Souvenirs Street” for diners who want to shop for traditional Hong Kong snacks.

Red Dragon Noodles

If you are looking for a quick bowl of noodles to relieve your hunger, Red Dragon will hit the spot.

Elegant Seafood Restaurant

Elegant Seafood Restaurant is a passionate advocate of natural and healthy Cantonese cuisine.

Tang's Cuisine

The popular Tang Palace Gold Award pigeon is much-celebrated in the nation, and a single branch can sell more than a thousand a day.

Xiang Yue Chinese Restaurant

Beijing Xiang Yue restaurant Persists in the pursuit of authentic flavor, and brings in genuine specialties to our honored guests.

Tian Yi Restaurant

The perfect Combination of Beijing Ancient Roasted Duck and Classic Palace Cuisines,with the North all kinds of characteristics snacks.Let you enjoy the Chinese delicious.