Featuring magicians, clowns, jugglers, a beautiful hand-balance duo, and an amazing Cube act, this is entertainment found only at The Venetian! Book each act individually or all-together for a Venetian Carnivale your guests will never forget.

Hand to Hand

Beautiful and powerful, the Hand to Hand is the perfect way to bring passion and dreams to your event. Featuring two of the finest performers from Bulgaria, stellar lifts with compelling music, the Hand to Hand will leave any audience breathless and inspired.


It's a Venetian Carnivale! The Circo Veneziano is excited to bring to your event our mind-blowing Cubo! Featuring one of the world's best acrobatic performers, the Cubo is a five foot steel cube that is lifted and balanced on our performer's head, then taken for a spin at a lightning pace! Unlike anything you've seen before, the Cubo will simply leave your guests mesmerized!


Magic performed by top professionals while your guests dine. Some of the region's finest illusionists and table magicians are here to delight and amaze. From small card tricks to grand illusions, our magicians are always guaranteeing to keep an audience's eyes popping, smiling and wondering how in the world the trick was done right before their eyes.