For a true taste of the Chinese culture, we can provide all of the most revered arts in China. Whether you’re looking for the sacred Shaolin Kung Fu, unbelievable masters of Face Changing, the stunning Thousand Hands Buddha, or a band of charming ladies playing traditional Chinese music we can bring it to your event!

Drumming Fanfare Show

Our drum performers are perfectly suited for the opening of any event, or being a part of the night's entertainment. This 6 minute drum show features Chinese-style drumming infused with a mix of Western drum cadences and Brazilian rhythms making it a stellar way to kick off your event with a bang.

Lion Dance

One of the most traditional acts in Chinese culture and serving as a guardian against evil spirits, the Lion Dance dates back to Medieval China. The Lion Dance is the perfect way to celebrate any event, bestowing good fortune on all your attendees during their stay here at The Venetian. Truly an exciting and interactive way to infuse your event with one of the most interesting aspects of Chinese culture.

Chinese Mask Changing

This Chinese art known as 'Bian Lian', or mask-changing, is a closely guarded secret of the Sichuan Opera, only passed down amongst the male members of families who have mastered the art. Brought here for an exclusive engagement with your group, you will hardly believe it as these face-changing masters will change right before your very eyes! Sure to amaze and mystify the entire audience, this is one aspect of Chinese culture you cannot miss…unless you blink, that is!

Chinese Musicians

Our Chinese musicians play traditional Chinese instruments mixed with modern beats. Enjoy the renditions of the classic Chinese songs or some modern tunes with a twist.

Thousand hands Buddha

Guan Yin is the bodhisattva of compassion, revered by Buddhists as the
Goddess of Mercy and the Thousand Hands Buddha dance is the celebration of the goddess's contribution to the world. Elegant and enchanting, this one of a kind performance is one of the finest and most beautiful aspects of Buddhist culture from around Asia. An absolute must for any event.

Yoyo and Contortion

Let our charming Chinese acrobatic artists entertain your guests with Kong Zhu, a traditional Chinese Yoyo number. This act features Yoyos high up in the air that will wow your guests as it is followed by a beautiful presentation of contortion.


The 800 year-old Shaolin Si temple has been destroyed and rebuilt time and time again, after attacks by emperors, warlords, and cultural revolutions, and now these dedicated students will bring their exciting style of Shaolin Kung Fu to your event at The Venetian Macao. Coming from the western peak of the sacred Song Shan Mountain in northern Henan province, these Wu Shu performers will amaze your guests with this unforgettable piece of Chinese culture and history.