venetian macau entertainment

10 Gondoliers

Nothing is more Venetian than the iconic image of Venice itself, the Gondoliers! Comprised of some of the finest Italian-born singers from around the world, the Gondoliers will delight your guests with a variety of Italian arias, contemporary Italian and English tunes that will have everyone singing and dancing along.

Bring the Commedia dell'Arte of 18th century Venice to your event with The Venetian's exclusive Streetmosphere performers! Artists are comprised of outstanding vocal, visual, and musical talents from around the world. It's the perfect way to make your event a truly Venetian Experience!

Living Statues

One of the most popular and interesting attractions at The Venetian, our Living Statues can make a unique addition to any event. Perfect for use as human signage to direct your guests or as part of a 'living' scenery, these performers will have your guests in awe and wondering if they are real or not!


Our signature Venetian stiltwalkers in sumptuous period costumes join your revelry interacting with your guests and posing for photos.  

Solo Pianist

Enjoy dinner with your guests and friends, accompanied by a delightful mixture of pop, jazz and classical repertoire playing by our talented pianist. Perfect background music for a relaxed evening!

String Quartet

The Venetian has to offer, these maestros will serenade your dinner with classics like Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' and contemporary songs like 'Mambo Italiano'. Classic, simple, essential. A must for any soiree that calls for elegance!