venetian macau entertainment


Known for its upbeat, fast-paced routines, Cancan is excitement from start to finish! Immortalized at the world-famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, your group can have its very own performance by The Venetian's own fabulous dancers and presided over by an experienced master of the Cancan.

Sands Angels

The Sands Angels are the perfect example of East meets West dance. Be amazed as 5 stunning girls from Asia perform choreographed routines in the style of the traditional Chinese dance with a little bit of a modern twist.

Ballroom Dancers

Six World Champion ballroom dancers come together to put on a dazzling display of jazz, two-step, tango, waltz, jive, and Latin styles of dance. They will delight your group with their vibrant array of costuming and lightning fast feet. A great mix to make an unforgettable event.

Baccarat Babes

Come and enjoy high energy commercial choreography performed to the latest chart topping hits by the sassy, strong and simply irresistible BACCARAT BABES! Electrifying and tantalizing; this dynamic western dance troupe will have you dancing in your seat with their high velocity shows.

Salsa Acrobatics

Lifts, Dips, Dives and Flips are what you will see when the Salsa Acrobatics take to the stage. This acro-salsa champion troupe performs death-defying tricks between their lightning speed footwork that leaves you out of breath and lost for words!


The latest K-pop sensations to grace the Xanadu lounge are the super cute, highly entertaining Honeyz! You will feel like you have stepped onto the set of the latest K-pop music videos as the Honeyz display the best moves and the newest tunes!

HRC Group

Taiwan’s hottest hip hop crew, HRC, is tearing up the stage at the Xanadu Lounge. HRC combines the latest hip hop dance styles (popping, locking, tutting, whacking) with powerful breakdance choreography that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Baby Dolls

Direct from the land of K-pop, the Baby dolls are a gorgeous all-girl group performing scintillating moves to the latest hits.